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The result of a Creative Writing Therapy Project with people in Kew living with a mental illness.

Choices of the Heart is available online:




The result of a Creative Therapy Writing Project with mothers of children on the Autism Spectrum.

Kaleidoscope is available from:




A chapbook of poems from the Kew Neighbourhood House Cafe Poet Project.

Expresso is available from Anne for $10 + postage: ua.mo1519344364c.ten1519344364sutpo1519344364@nosr1519344364ac.ma1519344364




The Sounds of Colour.  The result of a Kew Neighbourhood House Creative Writing Project with mothers of and workers with children on the Autism Spectrum.

First edition is sold Out!  Second Edition is now available from: *protected email*




Kimono cover SMLRemoving the Kimono is the first full-length poetry collection by Anne M Carson, published by Hybrid Publishers. It includes the 10 poems featured in the performance of The dresser removes the Kimono of Mourning, as well as two other sections of poems in Anne’s distinctive and engaging voice, including poems about cricket, detective stories, cows, birds and landscape.

“The entire middle section of the book is devoted to the experience of loss and I don’t think there is anyone writing better poems on such themes in Australia currently.” Dr Jennifer Harrison in the November launch speech. 

Removing the Kimono is available for $23 (RRP $20 +postage).  New Zealand customers please email Anne your order.

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