Visual Art

Artist statement

I developed my love of botanical specimens while running my greeting card business, Grail Craft.  Working with these fundamental shapes allowed my connection to the natural world to deepen.  I marvel at the variety and similarity of natural patterns – the branching denditic pattern in particular, evident in all manner of living things.  My best selling card was a botanical specimen (pressed petal, leaf or bud) set on an oval of gold leaf on a cream card.  Since then I have used these images and those of feathers in photographic enlargements, petal panels and greeting cards.

Greeting cards to purchase will be forthcoming.



  • 2009   Kew Nursery, Exhibition of Photographs and Pressed Petal Panels
  • 2008   Cambridge Studio Gallery, June, exhibition of photographs & pressed petal panels
  • 2008   Sprout, Hawthorn, December – 2009 January, Exhibition of Pressed Petal Panels
  • 2004   St Andrews Gallery, Aerial Photography